Start a Fundraiser

There are endless ways that you can raise funds to support our children – whether it’s your birthday, a special occasion, an athletic challenge or your own unique creation: You can make a difference in a child’s life.

Ways to get involved

A fundraising event is a fun and has been an effective way to support our projects, especially in an activism activity or to raise money in support of a course.
But sometimes they require more time to plan and market. This is why we will assist you to plan, schedule the event and also help organise all the necessary logistics for the event.

Fundraising event can be local in your community, neighbourhood or in Ghana depending on the type of event. Below are our ideas of some ways to start a fundraising event to support our projects:

  • Fun run or walk: that do not require special permits or road closures, for example, an event that uses a community hiking trail.
  • Auction fundraising event: that gives guests an opportunity to socialise and also open their wallets to support a great cause.
  • Art Exhibition: where local artists showcase their work and talents.
  • Sporting Event: a few of local team?s (football, volleyball, basketball games, etc.) and a percentage of sales on (water, food, drink, etc.) during the day can be used to support a project.
  • A Celebration of your birthday, wedding or other special occasion, by asking for donations in place of gifts.
  • Organising awareness presentations in your community
  • Mobilising friends and colleagues to contribute or participate
  • Concerts: with a small entry fee/donations to support a project.

We will help you to help us by providing you with all the necessary information.